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Do you enjoy other pilot’s company?


Are you interested in learning how to fly?


Are you looking for a place to fly your planes?


Are you interested in a little friendly competition?


Do you want to talk about flying over breakfast?


Are you interested in learning more about it?


Do you want to have some fun?


Then you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to the Pahrump Valley Model Aviators Club

Join us for some fun and knowledge sharing. We are a group of Pahrump residents who like to get together to talk and learn about radio controlled flying.

Whether you are a beginner or advance pilot, you are welcome to join us. We have members of all different levels of flying capability. So wherever you are in your journey as an RC pilot, you’ll fit right in.

We even have our own RC airfield complete with 445X55feet of carpeted runway to ensure a soft landing…assuming you hit the runway of course!

We’re looking for new members with like-minded interests to join us. You can check us out by browsing this website and see for yourself what a great opportunity this is.

If you are visiting the Pahrump area and want a chance to fly your RC aircraft while you’re here, contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

If you are interested, please go to our contact page and connect with us. We look forward to having you be a part of our group!

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