Event Calendar

Weekly ongoing events:

  • Join us for breakfast every Friday morning at 7:30 AM Pacific Time at the Terrible’s Roadhouse Casino on Pahrump Valley Boulevard.
  • Although members can fly any time they want, you can usually find us flying Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at the Murphy RC field during the coolest time of the day. In the summer when it’s hot, flying begins around 6:00 AM. When the weather cools off, we normally start flying around 9:00 AM. Fox Field, located at Gamebird and Fox RD (Fairgrounds location) can be used anytime.

Murphy Field is located on Bannavitch South of Betty and North of Basin. You must have the gate code, as the gates are kept locked at all times. If you are not a member, but would like to use the field, please contact one of the members.

Here’s an aerial shot of Murphy Field:


Upcoming events: 

  • We have scheduled a Funfly for Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 9:00 AM at Murphy Field.There will be 5 events: Bomb Drop, Touch and Go, Pylon Race, Limbo,and Taxi around the cones.As usual, hotdogs and Italian sausages, chips and cookies will be available for club members and their guests. Water will be available.We have a few chairs, but you should bring your own. And, we would like you to bring some cookies to share, homemade or store bought.

    I would like to make a special request of the audience. Please bring your cameras. We have so few pictures of our fliers and their aircraft in action. So, bring your cameras and send copies of your best photos and short videos to me:

    res0map9@gmail.com for publication in our newsletter and web page.

Funfly March 12 2016

  • As a reminder we have a Funfly scheduled for Saturday, October 24th, starting at 9 AM.
    We will have hotdogs and italian sausages with all the fixings FREE for all members and their guests. We also will have some water available.
    Please bring your cameras and chairs.
    If possible, please bring a few cookies (store bought or homemade) to share with our guests.
    See you there,
    Richard Beatty
  • On Tuesday, September 15th, the county commissioners will hear ourMOU (memorandum of understanding) concerning the creation of a flying fieldat the Pahrump Fairgrounds.The meeting will start at 10:00 am, but we can’t say when our MOU will beheard. All citizens will have 3 minutes to comment on why they think our usingthe fairgrounds is a good thing.It would help to have as many members of the PVMA attend as possible.

    The meeting will be held at the County offices at 2101 East Calvada Blvd.

    That is the building in the center of the Calvada Eye.

  • July Fun Fly scheduled for July 11, 2015. See details by clicking link below.

  Funfly July 11-2015

  • Order your PVMA T-shirts now with the new logo. You can use this  order form to order your shirt now:

PVMA T-shirt order form03-27-15

  • Good Morning Club Members
    Our previously scheduled Funfly was cancelled due to predicted strong winds that never materialized. The wind did come up but not until after 1 PM when the Funfly would have been over. So, we will try it again.
    The Pahrump Valley Model Aviators will hold a “No Contest” Funfly on Saturday, April 11, 2015 starting at 9 AM.
    Free hot dogs for all Club members and their guests.
    Arlen West will demonstrate the “Basic Known” IMAC maneuvers for the crowd.
    We will also have an R/C airplane to raffle. You must be present to win.
    You will also have an opportunity to order your T-shirts and hats. Bring your check book!!
    If you have any questions, contact Larry Chapman, Don Beatty or Richard Beatty.
    Flyer attached.
    Snookie, our hot dog chef, requests you bring some cookies to share, home baked or store bought.
    We hope to see you there,
    If you have any questions, contact Larry Chapman, Don Beatty or Richard Beatty.

Funfly April 11-2015

  • Free Airplane Rides at the YOUNG EAGLES RALLY

Who: for children from 8 through 17 years of age

Date: Will be announced in 2015

Time: 8:00 AM to 12 Noon

Where: Calvada Meadows Airpark,

Southeast corner of the intersection of Hwy 160

Sponsor: EAA Chapter 1160 of Pahrump.

Questions: call Glenna @537-1097

Parents/guardians: You must remain with your children during the time they are at the Young Eagles Rally.

  • Poker Fly (date TBD)
  • Demo of Quadcopters by R/C Dude (date TBD)

If you have more ideas for fun events, please contact Larry Chapman on 96ramm@gmail.com