Members Vote on Flying Schedules at Murphy Field

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Good morning,

At a Club meeting held at Larry Chapman’s house yesterday at 10 AM a motion was introduced and passed unanimously to change the Gas/Glow motor start times to 8 AM Monday thru Saturday and 9 AM Sunday. Effective immediately.
The minutes of the meeting transcribed by Tim Nelson follows.

Meeting minutes
Meeting was held at Larry Chapman house present was President Larry Chapman, Vice President Richard Beatty, Secretary Tim Nelson, Elten Winter, Richard Cantino, Warner Owens, Joe Kaulick, Richard Semerjian, Arlen West, Hans Christensen,Tom Piper, Bill Holt, Ed Dodd, Tom Peters, Marvin Young.
Meeting was started at 9:59 a.m.
Richard Cantino made a motion for new starting times at Murphy Field as follows:
  • Electric power with a noise level below 80db: any time of day, any day of the week.
  • Fuel (diesel,kerosene,gasoline,glow fuel) starting time not before 8a.m. Monday – Saturday and not before 9a.m. On Sunday.
In the event there are numerous verified complaints, PVMA will hold a club meeting of its members to decide the next course of action. Warner Owens seconded the motion.
Richard Cantino read the email that was sent to Lawrence Tougas AMA district 10 and the returned email from Lawrence Tongas AMA district 10.
Bill Holt stated that there is no noise ordinance laws in Pahrump.
A discussion was held about using common sense regarding noise while flying gas planes.
A vote was taken for the motion of flying Monday – Saturday 8a.m. and Sunday 9a.m. start time. Fifteen members present voted yes to changes.

Prior to the meeting being adjourned, Larry announced that he would not be renewing his AMA license at the end of the year.  Therefore, he will not be able to continue as President.  For those members not in attendance at the meeting, please think about who you would like to elect for 2017.


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