April, 2015

Pahrump Valley Model Aviators

Newsletter for April 2015

Congratulations to Larry on his terrific recovery from heart surgery. The

man is driven.


In February of this year, we submitted a Memorandum of Understanding

(MOU) to Dan Schinhofen, Nye County Commissioner, in order for our club to

use both the paved parking lot and a section of the soccer fields as a flying field.

After several weeks, I called Commissioner Schinhofen, and he stated that the

MOU was sent to the District Attorney for review, but he would check to see it’s

status. I’ll keep you updated.

03-27-15 I called Mr. Schinhofen and he said the MOU is still in the DA’s

office and was out of his hands. Although, he thought it might only be a couple of

weeks more. We’ll see.


In the month of March, Larry and I visited every business that supplied

custom printed or embroidered clothing in the valley. Supplied with custom

artwork provided by Don Beatty, we worked with B’s Custom Embroidery and

Custom Garment printing to produce custom T-shirts and Polo shirts for the club.

A great advantage to our final design, each individual will be able to

choose from several different airplane designs or provide Don Beatty with a

custom photograph that can be used on your own T-shirt or polo shirt.

B’s can also provide us with ball caps with our custom embroidered logo

for a reasonable fee.

We will be sending out an e-mail with shirt prices, colors, and designs

shortly. Choose your design, write at check or cash and order your hat and Shirt.


The Balloon Festival was held from Friday, March 20th to Sunday March


On each day, Larry had the E-Z up, up and staked down, tables up and

out, a huge bowl of candy, a big stack of past issues of Model Aviation, and a

selection of planes to proudly show the Festival attendees.

We had many people stop by to both look at the planes and ask questions

of the Club members.

We would like to thank all Club members who came out and represented

the Club that weekend.


At our General Meeting held on, Sunday, March 15th, Larry introduced our

new T-shirts and the Club’s newly designed logo (designed by Don Beatty),

along with our new banner.

Extra 300

Larry wore his new Polo shirt and displayed our new banner at the Balloon


We also noted that Chris Butler, our Web Master, has added a Google

map of Ron Murphy Flying Field to the web page.

A T-shirt order form will be added to the Web page as soon as possible. If

we can order at least 12 t-shirts, we can qualify for a 10% discount.

Larry also noted that Saturday, March 28 will be a flying field clean-up day.

It starts at 9 AM.


We have to thank Chuck, Larry, Marv, Doug and Richard B for their help in

the field cleanup.

With Larry dragging, Chuck and Marv hauling off the weeds and Don,

Doug and Richard loading Chucks wagon, the job took hardly any time at all.

A special thank you to Doug and Larry for spraying the weeds.

Thank you, Men!


Our first Funfly of the year was rescheduled when the forecast predicted

winds in excess of 15 mph. Guess what? It was a perfect day for flying. Light

winds started around noon, but for the 8-10 guys that came out anyway, it was a

great day of flying, minus the hot dogs.


We held our Funfly, April 11th at Ron Murphy Field.

This Funfly was to be a non contest event. It gave our many pilots, who do

not compete, a chance to fly without pressure in front of family, friends, and

other pilots.

Arlen West gave a fantastic demonstration of the 2015 Known Basic IMAC

(International Miniature Aerobatic Club) maneuvers while Larry explained each

of the maneuvers to the crowd.

Arlen recently scored a 2nd Place in Hemet, CA and a 4th Place in

Thermal, CA in IMAC competition. Congratulations, Arlen.

Tom Peters was the lucky winner of our raffle. He won an electric T-28 with

a lipo battery.


Tonight, April 12th at 5:30 PM at Bill Newyear’s home, 391 Domingo,

Pahrump, will be a going away party for Chuck and Linda Murray. We have to do

it again, because they came back after the last party.

Hot dogs and hamburgers will be served.


An e-mail with the T-shirt and hat order form will be e-mailed out to all

members, again, so we can order our club shirts.

Fill out the form, write a check, and mail it to Don Beatty. Custom airplane

pictures can also be e-mailed to Don. His physical address and e-mail address

are on the form.

Order forms will be submitted to B’s Embroidery on Friday, April 17, 2015.

Richard Beatty


Pahrump Valley Model Aviators