December 2015

Pahrump Valley Model Aviators

Newsletter for December 2015

It’s that time of the year for Club membership renewals. Meet Don Beatty

at Murphy Field on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday with your $25 or mail it to

him in cash or check to:

Don Beatty

5741 Genoa Ave

Pahrump, NV 89060


I hope everyone knows by now that the Pahrump Valley Model Aviators

have secured permission from Nye County and established an airfield at the

Pahrump Fairgrounds. It is located on the corner of Fox Ave and Dalton St. off of

Gamebird Rd. Entry to the parking lot/flying field is at the gate south of the

parking lot.

Fox Ave is approximately 1 mile west of Hwy 160.

If you have Google Earth or an other other GPS program installed:

36°09’50.54″ N 115°55’00.78″ W

We plan to install a container with a shade attached in the near future. We

will use the container for safety equipment like pilot barriers and also chairs and

other items the club might need. A portable restroom is also in the works.

Larry has secured a promise from Pahrump Valley Disposal for a 20 foot

container and a Porta-Potty to be located at the perimeter of the fairgrounds

parking area. This is donated by Pahrump Valley Disposal. We would like to

thank them for their support.

Please note that anything that is stored in the container maybe lost in any

future break in.

Right now there are no particular days of the week we plan to fly. For

safety’s sake, it would be preferable if you visited the site with a partner. Entry to

the parking area is the same combination as Murphy Field.

Plans are in the making to improve a dirt landing strip east of the parking

lot. That particular project is being managed by Arlen West.

As I understand it, Matt Luis from Pahrump Parks and Grounds

Maintenance will meet Arlen and Larry out at the Fairgrounds on Monday,

December 7th to review the dirt landing strip and how they can improve it.


FUNFLY, Saturday, October 24, 2015.

What a beautiful day, sunny and warm, what else could you ask for?

We had up to 6 pilots and about 8 guests and members viewing the action,

so to speak.

We started with a Touch N Go, which was more of a Touch and try to

control a crash for the most points. 1st-Don Beatty, 2nd-Richard Beatty, 3rd-Tim


The Limbo was an exciting event as the bar was lowered further and

further. The final passes were real heart stoppers with the bar about 2 feet off

the ground. 1st-Tim Nelson, 2nd Arlen West, 3rd-Larry Chapman.

The Pylon race was different. I mean, how hard could it be! Fly down one

side of the runway, make a turn around a flagged stick, and back down the other

side of the runway and do it again – for time. It’s that stupid time element that

does it every time.

Turn too late, zoom up instead of level flight down the runway, over control

every movement and the result looks like you’ve had two drinks too many.

Except for Arlen and Tim. Every event to them is a walk in the park. At least our

spectators can see how it should be done.

1st-Arlen West, 2nd-Tim Nelson, 3rd-Richard Beatty.

The bomb drop is another lesson in controlled flight. These pilots made it

look EASY. 1st-Larry Chapman, 2nd-Tim Nelson, 3rd-Arlen West.

Congratulations to Tim Nelson, our raffle winner.

A big thank you for everyone who came out to watch and participated.


At our general meeting held on November 1st all existing Club Officers,

with the exception of Bill Newyear volunteered to return in 2016.

With some gentle arm twisting and in the spirit of volunteerism, Tim Nelson

was recruited for the position of Club Secretary.

For the first time, an e-mail vote was taken for Club Officers and the vote

was unanimous. The final tally was “20” for and “0” against.

Your Officers for 2016 are:

President: Larry Chapman

Vice President: Richard Beatty

Treasurer: Don Beatty

Secretary: Tim Nelson

Safety Director: Doug Wittenberg

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bill Newyear for the time he

has given the club in his position of Secretary. Thank you, Bill!

And, thank you to last year’s officers for their service.


I would like to include a for sale, trade, or something of that nature with

every newsletter.

If you have any thing to sell or trade or give away, I’d like to include it in

future newsletters.

If time is of the essence, I can post it on the web site or in a general

membership email.

For Sale or Trade

For Sale – 2013 Can Am Outlander 500 with winch. Contact John Rackley at


For Sale – 2006 Polaris Sportsman 500 HO, 4 X 4 on demand, new tires, winch.

$3500. Contact Larry Chapman 775-537-6947.


To all of our members, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a

Generous and Prosperous New Year.