February 2018

 AMA Charter Club # 4795 ….Pahrump, Nevada

February 14, 2018   PVMA newsletter;

On this Valentine’s Day, hope all members wife’s and loved ones have a nice day. Stay warm as it is just a little nippy here in Pahrump. Enjoy a shared meal, throw another log on the fire, and just cuddle up.

Progress on Fox Field:

After our last club meeting at Arlen’s home, the club officers made arrangements to meet over at Fox Field. This was about one week after the club meeting. Tim, Hans, Bob, Doug, and Arlen were present. We started our enquiry into the problems with the field that were raised at the chapter meeting.

We started out by checking over the North end of the field where the dirt was uneven. Tires tracks from the poor condition of the “poof-dirt” were very loose. Even the watering truck that Hans drove up and down the runway would not seal the dirt. As we looked the runway over, all officers were in agreement that it was only about 25%-30% of the total runway that was in bad shape.

So with that in mind we started brain-storming and looked at what we needed and what would be overkill. Hans told us that he had a friend who owned a Case Tractor the might be used to drag that end of the runway that needs repair. It would not be dug up, but would have the front bucket turned full up and have the bottom of the bucket smoothing the ruts and mounds of poof-dirt flat.

By going over the runway at about 45-60 degrees, from one side to the other would smooth and contour the surface.    The friend of Hans said that he could use the tractor and do the work; the question was raised about the watering truck, would it be possible to water the runway without driving on the runway and breaking the surface again?

Hans said that the water truck has the pressure plus sprinklers that can be turned. He can drive on the outside of the runway and deliver all the water without driving on it!

So at the time we are waiting to hear when Hans feels that it will be a good day to start the work to make this happen. If this is resolved then no one will be dragging the field or regrading unless it is approved by the club officers.

Fun Flying & BBQ as discussed:

Well, it most definitely is not going to be a flying day this Saturday. It looks as if we might have a chance to make this happen on Saturday 24th of Feb. Maybe this time Mother Nature will be kind to us. For a few years now we have wanted to give Chuck a great send off as he will be heading back up north to Washington State for the summer.

If the weather can give us a nice, windless day on the 24th then our work is done, we can give him a little part of our chapter to remember us by until next fall comes around. So we will wait and see and we will try our best to keep all members informed.   

   Thanks again, Bob (Bob Cameron, Club Secretary)