January 2018

  AMA Charter Club # 4795 ….Pahrump, Nevada


January 21, 2018 

Welcome to a new year and saying goodbye to 2017. It sure seems as if our club did quite a lot of R/C flying in the last part of December and old Mother Nature was kind to us flyers for the start of January.

It looks as if the last two days settled the dust in our air and also provided us here in Southern Nevada some  much needed light rain in the mountains. So hopefully with the couple days of heavier rain fall about two weeks ago we will get a few more small showers in these next months.

Driving by Murphy Field and Fox Field this last week, it seems that the ground is still OK and it will dry out sometime soon.    Looks as if we can get a break on Tuesday if the weather man is to believed. Maybe we can get over to Murphy in the morning and get a few flights in before the winds get going on next Friday.   I have a few pictures of some of the gang flying and will add them to this newsletter.

Getting your input:

         We need to get a club meeting on the calendar possibly for this next month, we still have some unfinished business on the books and with all the members help we can come up with getting a few dates for Fun Flying and set up our agenda for club business.

So if you have items that you  want to discuss then bring your question with you. Right now if you email your meeting dates, please send them to Tim so we can inform everyone when the meeting will take place.

I have offered my aircraft hangar for the meeting along with drinks and coffee, (sorry I still have a gravel road out front).

Welcome all new members and visiting friends:

          With all the flying time I have missed do to having problems with shoulders and knees, I had missed a few flying days and was so happy to see some new folks out at the field.

I was out at Murphy a few weeks ago and met Jim from Canada and talked for a while.  He was really enjoying the flying and the help he has received for members in the club. He will be heading back home in late Feb. So with others who have come out to join us, I bid you welcome!

It was nice to see old friends out flying, John Rackley was flying some of his designed aircraft and what came to mind was that John and Tom seemed to be the only members who build from scratch.   I remember all the built models I tried to make from my own designs, but that never worked out. But again I was only about 11 years old and did not have a clue about airfoils or balance points!

Well gang if you find yourself with some time on Tuesday morning around 09:30-10:00, drop by Murphy with your favorite bird and let’s fly!


Bob Cameron, Club Secretary