Feb. 3, 2018

 AMA Charter Club # 4795 ….Pahrump, Nevada


Feb 03, 2018……..First club meeting of 2018

         Good morning to all our members and friends. I would like to give an overlook to all the members who could not make the meeting, and try to give everyone some information on what was discussed at the meeting.

We had a total of eleven members present that included four of the club officers. Our president, Tim, started the meeting with the clubs financial numbers presented by Doug to the members.

Tim gave members a rundown of items that have been discussed before plus events that members would like to pursue this year.

One of the first items was the “Fun Fly’s” that we have had in the past. We talked about how much fun was always had by the whole gang, but after last year’s problems with using the clubs money for prizes, it was something that Tim felt was not going to be repeated this year. So he suggested that we just have a fun fly without any prizes and just have a great time together. The members present had a lot of different thoughts on this matter and felt it would be more fun to have some of the events like the bomb drops, limbo bar, spot landing, and such. Over past years of these fun times,  the club officers who got the different events worked out some kind of awards that came home with us after the event. Even without any prizes, the ribbons’ we won were like receiving bonus checks from your boss!

Tim asked the members to think about also having some hot dogs, drinks, chips, and cookies, (this would not be bought with club money but rather donated by members).

The way the weather has been lately might give us the opportunity in the next three weeks of nice warm days to setup a date around Saturday the 17th of Feb. for Murphy Field, before the February rains startup once again.

I will try to keep you advised as this develops, would like to try this before Chuck drives off to Washington for the summer, please think about it?

Fox Field, runway condition:

The short version of this is, the runway has “poof dirt” in a low area of the runway and makes it almost impossible to land without hitting that soft dirt and flipping the plane nose over into the dirt.

This was an ongoing and long discussion because of what it would entail with the need for grading; filling that area with Type Two rocks then leveling it and topping with good quality fill dirt. Our VP, Hans, has tried to get it in better shape with some grading and water, and along with some other members pitching in with the grading, it doesn’t seem to get the poof dirt problem fixed to our satisfaction.

Club officers will be getting information on those who do this type of grading work and see if it is possible and what the cost might be. If this is not something the members want to have fixed, then as one members said, let’s just quite using the field, let the fair board know, and move on to other fields!

Problem with other fields:

We’ve had discussions, (see how nice I said that, instead of screaming, yelling, and demanding) about the conditions of Murphy Field. The carpet has rolling hills and seams coming apart which catch planes with tail wheels and rips them off the aircraft! Yes, we’ve had a lot of  discussions before, but there is no way to make everyone happy and dancing in the streets without having a rich uncle or someone winning the Mega Millions and fixing the field problems.

As it was pointed out to all members present, Murphy could be gone in a heartbeat if the property is sold, it has also been pointed out that this property is now for sale and in this hot market where prices are going up every month, time is not on our side!

With these issues that need to be resolved, the members asked that the club officers get together and seek out those folks who can give us some answers and at what price! We will continue to keep you informed as this information becomes available to us.

One other item to consider at the Fun Fly:

           All of us have been to the model, “swap meets” at one time or another; you’re wondering around when something catches your eye. There before you is the item of your dreams, no you big dummy, not a new Corvette, but something that would make your wife think you had lost all your marbles!

A well-used model you had as a new R/C flyer back in the olden days, about year 1994. Faster than you could imagine your wallet is open and money is in your hot little hand to buy this thing. Go for it, forget that your friend is looking at you and agreeing with your wife that you’ve lost your mind. Does that bring back memories?

How would you feel about bringing out some of those rare “antiquities” out to the field for a club sale, swap or what-have-you on a Fun Fly Day?

Looking ahead in 2018;

We would like to set dates and times for meetings, say every two or three months at set times. But there is not one day that would be agreeable to each member so it will be set for the members who are asked and  respond to that question.

We have a great amount of fliers that are out at one of the fields during the week and it is always nice to see our new members joining in when they can. Not all of us are retired but we try to do the best we can. For those who were unable to attend, I will always try to give you a rundown on those meeting and what was discussed and voted upon.

Your input is always welcomed and needed to help us eliminate problems and have a consensus on things that are important to this club.

We would like to thank Arlen and Betty for the use of the workshop for the meeting, but really thank Betty for the wonderful cookies and other goodies she made for the meeting. Boy did you guys miss some “out of this world” cookies, and the answer for the members who did not join us,…..we did not save any cookies, we eat them all!!!!!!

              Please no emails about the length of this newsletter,  I try to give those who did not attend our meeting some insight into what was discussed, so unless you what to be the club Secretary, cut me just a little slack, thanks.

Bob Cameron, Club Secretary