July 2017

Good morning to all you sleepy heads,
     Well, it’s a good day if you are reading this as you most likely are somewhat alive, and if you’re not, grab a cup of “eye wash” and get some caffeine in you as I would like you to read on!
      It has come to my attention that the PVMA is still alive and breathing, so now that we have established that, as evidence, I point to the very large number of “gentlemen” who showed up at Murphy Field in the wee hours of 05:00-06:00 am on Saturday morning!
       As proof I will insert a few pictures from said fun flying morning, some will say I lie and don’t know what in the hell I am talking about but for all the naysayers’, (and we do have a butt load of the little darlings), numbers do not lie, only people and politicians’.
       We are going to attempt to have a fun early morning on this coming Tuesday, July 18, at Murphy Field and see if you can roust out a few more of the gang to stop by with or without a flying aircraft, but more to enjoy the mutual benefits of belonging to a group that wants to be together and share the fun along with all the booboos that come along with flying model aircraft.
        Now that is not the best part but after that super article in the Pahrump Life magazine, we need to be like the farmer and his female cows and, “MILK THE HELL OUT OF IT”.
        When we fly at any of the locations we go to, we are in the public’s eye and this is what brings the folks over to see what is going on and who in the heck we are.    Golden opportunities come along so seldom that we need to be there when it happens!
         Now you ask what is happening in the future? Well glad you asked as some of us have been discussing that a club meeting should be in the works for the month of August, somewhere around the 23rd. A week day that will not screw up your planning, or at least give you time to get a good excuse for not showing up.
         I guess that I feel as a long time member that every one of us in the AMA Charter Club wants the petty little crap to stop, we will not continue if this is what is going to keep coming up in the future. I will keep my sharp stick and poke the damn bear as many times as I feel are needed until I get our members attention!
        So now you can understand why I write these newsletters to all you fine and upstanding gentlemen. You might think that it is because of the big bucks that I make, yes that is part of it, but my heart is in this club and I will fight to keep it full of wonderful people and people of passion for our hobby.
        So I guess what I am asking is that you drag your sorry butt out to Murphy Field Tuesday and watch us fly or just come over and chew the fat with the rest of us, and bring your best lies with you to share!
           Humbly and respectfully you’re Secretary, Boobie
Members present on Saturday, 15th of July….Murphy Field/nine total
Doug W,   Larry W,   Bob C,  Tim N,   Richard C,  Bill H,   Scott M,
Larry Chapman,    Elten W