May 2017

Pahrump Valley Model Aviators

May 2017 Newsletter

Now that Monday is here and this last weekend the weather man had said that starting with Monday is was going to be a good week for no winds and nice temps….how we doing so far?

These guys sound like a politician trying to tell the truth!  So if this weekend coming up is going to be just like the past three or so weeks, we have a better idea!

It sure does look like a great weekend to hold a club meeting as we have not had one in about four months and thought it was about time to get together and exchange thoughts and see what needs to be discussed with our members.

There has been inquiries about having a fixed in stone club contest that we have had and enjoyed these past years, something we can just fly and see what others in the club have been building or buying, (foamy), and have a chance to talk and lie to other members who you have not seen all winter long, (remember lying is a good way to make them think you are a better pilot than you are).

Some members have been asking about a club sale by members bringing their extra gear and plane, and having a chance to sell items that are no longer needed. Most of us can most definitely find extra parts and gear that we do not use any longer and would be glad to sell or trade.

Most notably we, as a club, need to ask our members to give the rest of us any thoughts they might have on events or projects’ that would enhance fun fly’s or in helping new members learn to fly and maintain their aircraft and gear.

One of best memories that I personally have is getting together with a bunch of members, grabbing the motor home or camping trailer and heading out to the dry lake bed about 12 miles be on Dumont Dunes heading toward Baker and spending two full days having a ball flying. Gathering around a large camp fire in the cooler evening time with your favorite beverage made it even more special for all.

Great Pot-Luck meals and friends with model aircraft what is better than that?

So as everyone can see we just need to get together and listen to what others in our club have to say and what their ideas are for the summertime and into the fall months.

This chapter meeting will be held on this coming Saturday the 06th at 10:00 am, and it will be held at my aircraft hangar at Calved Meadows Airport. I will also include a driving map and directions; please follow the map, as we ask that no one drive on the runway or taxiways at the airport!

Please plan on bringing yourself a chair to sit or your legs and ass-end are going to get very tired! Ice water and coffee will be available along with cookies or such, so please plan on being on time or a little early.

Thanks once again,   PVMA/Secretary       Bob Cameron/phone 775 209-2279