September 2015

Pahrump Valley Model Aviators

Newsletter for September 2015

On Saturday, July 11th, we held a Funfly at Ron Murphy Field. We had 14

people attend the event in relatively cool weather.

Before the Funfly, Larry held a very short club information meeting.

The County laid out their fireworks launch area with our proposed runway

in mind. But, we have had no response to emails to our Commissioner, Dan

Schinhofen, who originally proposed the idea. It’s not dead, but we will see if

anything develops in the immediate future.

The Funfly consisted of 3 events. Touch and go, bomb drop, and limbo.

The first two events went off easily, but by the time the Limbo contest got

underway, we had some pretty strong winds that made it difficult/impossible to

set up our crepe paper Limbo line.

Overall winners were-1st Place, Arlen West, 2nd Place, Phil Shallenberger,

and 3rd Place, Larry Chapman. All three winners donated their prizes back to the

Club for future events or meetings.

Snookie setup and prepared hotdogs and Italian sausages for all members

and their guests. Water and cookies were available for everyone.

Don won the raffle of an indoor quad copter.

Thank you to everyone that attended and helped prepare for the Funfly.


Sometime between 10:00AM on Tuesday, July 21st and our planned clean

up day at 7:30AM, July 22nd, someone crossed over the fence at Ron Murphy

field and destroyed our Field sign, completely destroyed our safety fence at the

flight line, broke a couple of tables and threw toilet paper over and around our

shade, and bent and broke about 20 feet of fence at the north west side of the


Larry called the Police, who responded quickly and inspected the damage

and took a report. Larry also called Brenda Klinger, a reporter for the Pahrump

Valley Times, who recently interviewed Larry for an article about the club for a

future appearance in the paper. She then called her editor, who turned it over to

their crime reporter, so they might come out and take pictures of the damage.

Repairs and cleanup are planned for Thursday, July 23rd.


IMG_1677 IMG_1674 IMG_1670 IMG_1665 IMG_1662


Thanks to Larry’s connection to the Pahrump Valley Times, the newspaper

ran an article detailing the damage done to the field and the previous two other


Also, Bonnie Beatty posted on the “All About Pahrump” Facebook page

about the damage done to the field. Those that read the thread noted that they

know of several teenagers that have reputations for trouble in the neighborhood,

immediately west of the field, and they would keep an eye on them for the near



We had a large representation of members that came out to the field for

cleanup and repair. Richard Cantino, John Rackley, Marvin Young, Bill Holt, Bob

Cameron, Tim Nelson, Doug Wittenberg, Don Beatty, Larry Chapman, Richard


If I’ve missed you, I apologize, but I’d like to thank you for your help.

Many of the repair crew spent the better part of the morning with buckets

picking up broken pieces of plastic pipe and litter. While others utilized a

powerful blower to move a large amount of dust and dirt from the areas around

the work tables and the staging area behind the now removed broken safety



On Thursday, July 29th, Larry, Don and Doug, and myself came out and

started replacing the safety fence. The work on the safety fence should be

completed by Saturday, August 1st.

The new field sign will take a bit longer, but Don is working out the details.


Saturday, August 1st – Don repaired the sign and remounted it. We still

need to replace the clear plastic sheet over both sides, but the sign is up.

Larry, Don, Doug, Richard Cantino, and myself met at the field and

finished the safety fence. Other than replace the field rules and cover both sides

of our field sign the work is complete.

DSCN0415copy DSCN0416copy


Friday, August 21, edition of the Pahrump Valley Times contained an

article written by Brenda Klinger with an interview she had with President Larry

Chapman and Richard Beatty a month before. It’s a pretty good article and

relatively accurate. See it here:



An e-mail that Doug Wittenberg sent out on September 8th included a

warning about a Sidewinder rattlesnake, 18-24” long, that was found in the

setup tables under the shade at Ron Murphy Field:

“Today, we found a young sidewinder 18″ to 24″ Rattle Snake near the setup

tables. John Rackley saw it when it was in the open then it went under his car.

After he moved his car, it went under one of the wire reels. Our guest went

home, got a shovel and killed it.

We are going to ‘screen’ the area under the wire reels so snakes ETC can not

hide under them.

As far as I know, this was the first time we have had a problem with a snake.

Just be alert!

Doug W”

As Doug stated, be alert.



On Tuesday, September 15th, the county commissioners will hear our

MOU (memorandum of understanding) concerning the creation of a flying field

at the Pahrump Fairgrounds.

The meeting will start at 10:00 am, but we can’t say when our MOU will be

heard. All citizens will have 3 minutes to comment on why they think our using

the fairgrounds is a good thing.

It would help to have as many members of the PVMA attend as possible.

The meeting will be held at the County offices at 2101 East Calvada Blvd.

That is the building in the center of the Calvada Eye.