Club Meeting Announcement Aug. 23 @ 3:00 pm

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 AMA Charter Club # 4795       Pahrump, Nevada        08 Aug. 2017


Good morning to all our members,

It is time once again to hold a club meeting now that our Pahrump summer is hopefully coming to a conclusion, or at least looking forward to some cooler days.

We will be having this meeting on Wednesday, the 23th of Aug. at 3:00pm as we feel this will have our members back home early for dinner.    It will be held at my aircraft hangar, at the Calveda Meadows Airpark, just off Bel Vista and highway 160.

Please bring a folding chair with you as I have very limited chairs at the hanger, also I will have coffee, ice water for drinks.

Some of the agenda will be about another Fun Fly when the weather cools and upcoming events, along with your thoughts and input.    There will be discussions about our model fields, the maintenance what needs to be done in the future.

Bring your thoughts and ideas along with you to help us with these future projects, by getting together and just doing a little brain storming things work out a lot better!


Arlen’s thumb;

       For those who have been wondering about Arlen’s thumb, he is very slowly on the mend and even has put up a few flights at Murphy Field on this last Monday morning along with Tuesday morning.

For those in attendance on Tuesday you were there to see him flying knife-edge with nice takeoffs and landings, he had wrapped up his thumb to protect it and cushion the pressure on the thumb and not incur pain.

It must have worked as he had a nice smile on every time he flew and came back for the landing, it still will take a bit of time to heal but as least he can still put in some flying once in a while to get in his flying fix!


By the way does anyone have an old Horizon Hobbies, aircraft for sale please let me know as I need one to fly while I get working again on my old aircraft and the recovering?     Give me a shout, 775 209-2279.


The hanger address is 1260 Cockpit Place, with the zip code of 89060 if you want to look it up on your computer.


If there is any problem with the date and time of our next club meeting please give a call or email to Tim and discuss it with him.

Thanks, Bob

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