Fun Morning of Flying at Murphy Field

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What a fun morning of flying at Murphy Field this morning. The temps were nice and cool and most of the gang was saying you could have used a light coat for a while this morning before the sun came fully up and out of the light clouds.

Most of us were sucking down our coffee or drinks to get the eyeballs open, and slowly but surely most of us got the job done, some like me just took a wee bit longer.

It just seemed like every time we turned around there was another car or truck coming down the road. It was a good and warm feeling to see so many of the guys coming, even if a few did not bring planes to fly.

A few “whoops and booboo’s, along with an “oh-oh’ were thrown into the mix, but I am not saying who did what, but I heard through the grape vine the initials were…Bob Cameron. But it is always good to check out your landing gear and flying surfaces now and then.

Bill Holt brought out his little Ugly Stick and it did not have the performance that it was meant to have. A few of the gang came over to see if they could help.    What they did to get Bill back into the air was something I never would have thought of.

The guys hooked up a battery cell checker to the balance leads of the LiPo batteries and connected the two leads for the positive and negative to the DC motor. By starting the DC motor up with the battery cell checker connected, they found out the three (3) cells in the battery were in bad shape even though without the motor running the battery showed good!

I know that was a long story of the problem, but it goes to show how you can get a bunch of flyers together and solve problems you thought were unsolvable.

So in very short order, Bill was burning up the sky with the little bird and no battery problems after that. It’s nice to hear and see a great outcome with small problems when there is a lot of help at hand.

Going home I stopped by our local Hobby & Aircraft Store, the Home Depot and picked up something that Richard Cantino told me about this morning to fix my model when my three legged dog broke it!     I will give it a try this evening and see if it will be ready to fly on Tuesday.

Thanks so very much for the wonderful morning of just flying with a little nostalgia thrown in for flavor and smiles!


Bob Cameron – Secretary PVMA


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