Note to Tim

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Hi Tim,
    Just wanted to say how great it was to have nine members drop by to fly, and to see Larry Chapman get some stick time with Scott’s aircraft. I know it meant a lot to him, plus that smile will be on his face all weekend!
     Thanks for letting the gang know and it was nice just to see the enjoyment everyone was sharing, and the weather, winds were giving us a break so that added to the fun and smiles.   Bill enjoyed the group and I believe it gave him and others a little shot in the arm to get in the air and just enjoy.
     Will have to do this next Tuesday again and I have written some of the gang there a thank you email and told them it meant a lot to get so many together again, and most likely we can do it next Tuesday giving them something to look forward to.
     Tim I had attached four pictures to this email of you from this morning but because I had sent everyone of the guys that were there at Murphy pictures of them at the field it would not to go through and I will send yours tomorrow.
                                                         Later, Bob
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