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AMA Charter Club # 4795 ….Pahrump, Nevada


EAA Chapter 1160 Invitation:  Just a reminder about next Saturday,

Good morning, to all our members and friends, just wanted to let everyone know that on Saturday, the 03rd of June, the Experimental Aircraft Association has invited all the PVMA Model Club members to join them in the EAA’s annual BBQ lunch.

So please plan now to mark it down on your calendars’ and join us for some great fun food and drinks along with all the goodies that makes this lunch just a perfect addition to the start of summer.

At 10:00 am the EAA will hold its regular chapter meeting featuring Aviation Themes in videos and media, you are welcomed to join us and learn about the EAA and its mission statement to make the dream of aircraft flight an obtainable goal for the average person.   EAA and its many contributions’ have led many to airline careers’ and others to build their own flying aircraft!

If you are unable to join our meeting at 10:00 am you can arrive later around 11:15-11:30 am and join us in the BBQ and fun.

The address is as follows; coming from Pahrump, go north to Bel Vista Road, and continue driving ¼ mile to Interceptor Ave. and turn right.  Head east to the first (and only) stop sign, across the street on the corner is a white home, which is where the EAA holds this event.

The home sits on the Southeast corner of Helicopter and Interceptor, the one with all the cars parked in the driveway and on the street.

Come in thru the open garage door and meet the gang, grab a cup of coffee or tea and introduce yourself, I will see you there.

This is a free lunch but if you feel the need and would like to donate, a can with “Donations” printed on the can, all donations help in funding the Young Eagles Program that our EAA Chapter holds each and every October to introduce young kids from the age of 08-17 years old the experience of flight!


Hope you will join us there, Bob Cameron EAA member 167110

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